Become A Certified Peer Support Specialist

InnerVision can train to use your personal experiences with trauma, mental health or substance abuse issues to start a professional career as certified peer support specialist. Our 60 hour training (40 hour core class & 20 hours of electives) is Approved and Credentialed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities. To qualify to take this training you must be at least 18 years of age and be a current or former recipient of mental health and/or substance abuse services with a minimum of 1 year demonstrated recovery. We offer Continuous Open Enrollment. Choose the Training Dates & Times that Fit Your Schedule! EVERY TUESDAY FROM 9AM-1PM at our location at 415 E. 4TH St. Charlotte, NC 28202 – Across from the Main Transit Center  OR EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 9AM-1PM  at our location at Charlottetown Terrace-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1000Baxter St. Charlotte, NC 28204. For more information: Call (704)377-5042 or Email:


Veterans Services

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) in collaboration with InnerVision presents daily employment workshops designed to prepare veterans, service members and unemployed job seekers to transition into gainful employment with local employers.. The classes are held at the InnerVision site, 415 E. 4th St. Charlotte, NC 28202 (across from the Main Transit Center), Mon-Fri. from 9am – 12 pm. Topics include Job Search Assistance; Workplace Culture; Identify Your Transferrable Skills; Create Your Own Personal Job Marketing Plan; Technology in the Workplace and more. The course includes opportunities to network and connect with local hiring employers.  The class is open to veterans, service members and unemployed civilians. Each class includes time for you to receive 1:1 assistance on working on your vocational portfolio, resume, and other relevant documents. Flexible Schedule! Attend Daily or stay for part or a full session. Class days and times are designed to work for you! A Veterans Service Officer is on site to provide further assistance. To register come in or call ret. Navy, Yvonne McJetters, M.Div., Peer Support Specialist at (704) 377 -5042 or email: Other Job Search services include: Computer Room with Access to Internet and Instructional Monitor for Assistance; open Mon.- Fri. 12-3pm; Adult Basic Education and GED Classes, Mon.- Thurs. 12-2pm.For more information call InnerVision at (704) 377-5042 or email

Hope Restored: Volunteering Led To Hiring

By Melissa Hankins, Reporter

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – The way in which Pamela McGimpsey lost her job seems symbolic of the new kind of work world we all live in.
She says her boss called her and simply said, “‘Pamela, you’ve been unselected.'” The caller was reading from a script.

“That was the verbiage,” McGimpsey recalls. “You heard that, and then your manager said ‘goodbye.’ The call is a slap into reality that you are expendable. And that’s how I felt. Expendable.”

When a person is treated that way, they lose more than a paycheck.
And that is the premise InnerVision is built on.

InnerVision is a nonprofit providing employment, education and life management skills to the unemployed, and it just opened a new facility in uptown Charlotte across from the Transit Center.

“We realize that the devastation of not being employed impacts people in many ways,” says InnerVision founder, director and CEO Dr. Cheryl Nicholas. “Social isolation, inability to access the things that they’ve grown accustomed to, and a decrease in the overall quality of life, so here at InnerVision we offer a comprehensive array of services,” she says.

The unemployed can work out at the facility, called the Economic Empowerment Center, and they’ll find many different types of seminars, workshops and support groups. They can get vocational assessment and training, including contact with hiring employers. They can even get help with addiction.

Mayor Anthony Foxx cut the ribbon.

“This is huge for the community,” he says. “There are so many folks who are there beating the pavement every day, looking for work, and we’ve got to keep their morale up. This is a place where they’re taking of resumes, yes, but also the spirit of the person.”

For more information about InnerVision, contact us.

CPCC Career Connections

Central Piedmont Community College presents: Career Opportunities in the fields of Hospitality, Customer Service, Technology or Healthcare. Free 6 week courses that prepare you to transition into gainful employment with local employers. If you are unemployed or working part-time these classes are right for you.

There are many employment opportunities in fields of hospitality, customer service, technology and healthcare with numerous career possibilities! Begin your journey in one of these industries with a six (6) week course. Receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

  • Develop the skills to learn how to gain employment with major companies in the Charlotte area.
  • Perform advanced-level job searches

To enroll in a course you must attend an Orientation and Intake Session.Two (2) forms of identification are required. Contact us for more information.

Grand Opening

CHARLOTTE – Officials held grand opening ceremonies for InnerVision’s new Economic Empowerment Center in uptown Charlotte. Mayor Anthony Foxx helped board members cut the ribbon. Unemployment means a lot more than the loss of a paycheck. That is the premise InnerVision is built on.
InnerVision is a nonprofit providing employment, education and life management skills to the unemployed inclusive of recently unemployed , under employed, indivduals with psychiatric disabilities and young adults entering the workforce.

After 8 years at its 501 N. Tryon St. location, the organization has expanded and opened a new facility in the center of uptown Charlotte, across from the Transit Center.

The state-of-the-art center is looking to help the unemployed and underemployed in the Charlotte area get back to work.

Officials say it brings together, under one roof, the necessary tools to help people get their first job or return to work.

“You have a partner in your job search and you have someone who will support you through the devastation of unemployment while you equip yourself towards greater opportunities. The possibilities are endless,” said InnerVision founder Dr. Cheryl Nicholas.

New Workforce Resource

Nationally accredited InnerVision Inc. and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board announce the launch a SHARE Network Access Point (SNAP) in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.

Since 2003, InnerVision has been providing services in the areas of employment, education and life skills management to adults with mental health challenges in the Charlotte region.

InnerVision’s new,modern, state-of-the-art, Economic Empowerment Center is located at 415 E. 4th St., Charlotte, NC, 28202, across the street from the Main Transit Center and Time Warner Cable Arena.

Business casual dress code is required.

Preregistration is recommended by calling 704-377-5042.

The use of Charlotte Area Transit System bus, train or trolley services to get to the center is recommended. Ample paid parking is availble for $5 – $7.

“The partnership brings together, under one roof, comprehensive tools for effective employment support and services for the citizens of Mecklenburg County”, says Deborah Gibson, Executive Director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board.

The SNAP/Economic Empowerment Center will serve a cross section of unemployed adults. This is inclusive of individuals dealing with the devastation of recent layoffs, individuals unemployed for longer than 12 months, individuals unemployed due to mentalillness, under employed individuals, young adults entering the workforce and multicultural individuals-all faced with the challenge of securing employment.

“Our Center City location offers job seekers unparalleled access to employers, licensed and qualified professionals, and CPCC instructors who provide an array of job search and wellness resources, services and supports”, says Dr. Cheryl Nicholas, CEO, Director of InnerVision,Inc.

Beyond the convenience and access to job search resources, the Economic Empowerment Center features:

  • Seminars, workshops, job support groups, and contact with hiring employers
  • Networking opportunities in its Wi-Fi Café
  • Vocational assessment & training, career counseling, Individual and group counseling
  • Wellness job search journey
  • Exercise equipment and participation in exercise classes are part of InnerVision’s Work, Life Skills and Wellness services

Music for the Mind Fundraiser

Research has proven that music is an effective treatment which helps people with mental health challenges manage their symptoms, improve their functioning and aid in recovery with substantial benefits (Gold, 2009).

Through this fundraiser, InnerVision hopes to raise money to purchase instruments, books and instruction to create an eclectic “Recovery Orchestra” comprised of individuals served.

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Joyce Cooling was selected as our featured artist for our musical videos due to her ongoing commitment and support of mental health organizations. For more information about Joyce Cooling visit,

Check out jazz artist, Joyce Cooling and let the music move you to donate to InnerVision. Your contribution will be used to fund a peer run “Recovery Orchestra” for individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

The power of your donation:

  • A $5 contribution will buy a Triangle
  • A $10 contribution will buy Maracas, tambourines & music books
  • A $50 contribution will buy a set of used Drums
  • A $100 contribution will buy Guitar

Your financial contribution of any amount will help fund Music for the Mind and the comprehensive recovery oriented resources, services and supports provided by InnerVision to individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

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Thank you for your support of the InnerVision mission.

Holistic Approach to Finding Employment